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Are you paying a fortune for Medical Malpractice Insurance by the Non-Standard or High Risk Insurance Market? We specialize in helping doctors lower their insurance premiums and getting them back into the standard malpractice market.

There are three common reasons why Physicians get stuck in the Non-Standard/High Risk Med Mal Insurance markets.


  • The Standard market requires that you buy tail from your current insurer, which is usually not affordable. If you qualify, we have an A + rated Standard Insurer who will accept you without requiring that you buy tail, and they will cover your prior acts.
  • You had a gap in coverage because you were cancelled or non-renewed. We have an insurer who can offer tail insurance going back several years after you’ve been cancelled or non renewed, which may allow you to rejoin the standard markets.
  • Your broker is not the expert or professional you thought he/she was. We have found many physicians in the non-standard market for wrong reasons and have helped them return to the standard market, often at 1 / 2 or 1 / 3 the cost.


We are specialists in saving doctors money who have:

  • A significant history of claims frequency
  • Licensing sanctions
  • History of substance abuse
  • Medical Board Actions
  • Difficultly obtaining insurance due to medical specialty


If you want to get back into the Standard market and Save money, the please let us help you. If we cannot place you with a standard insurer right away, we will create a plan to get you there and lower your costs at the same time.


Please call me, Joseph Hong at (877) 257-1619 and fax at (888) 317-2991.

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