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One of the important reasons for working with intermediary broker is that a skilled broker can give in depth advice in fast changing market environments. There are so many different options available for physicians to choose, such as Risk Retention Group, Trust, Admitted and Non-Admitted carriers. Physician also must determine whether to be insured with (RDI) Retro Date Inception coverage or Prior Acts coverage. Agent’s role is crucial in determining right coverage for physician based on physician’s practice environment. It will be in physician’s best interest to work with professionals who have in-depth knowledge of malpractice insurance industry.


Diligent brokers tend to negotiate insurance coverage with various different carriers. This often leads to driving the premiums down and procuring the best coverage’s. Prudent broker also can advise changes in the malpractice insurance markets. Many times, malpractice carriers come in and go out of many states. It’s crucial that broker consistently monitors carrier’s internal management affairs and financial status to determine the carrier’s viability. At Trinity Physician Insurance, we deliver prompt and accurate service to our clients. We will collaborate with physician’s on assessing their risks to find the right markets. Once again, Trinity only works with “A” rate Carriers by A.M. Best rating agency which means that your risks will be securely covered!


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